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Email marketing automations for ecommerce

Welcome, fellow ecommerce enthusiasts! Today, we embark on an adventure through the world of email marketing automations for online stores. Derived from our experiences at PIKSL, a digital marketing agency that has worked with over 50 ecommerce businesses, generating millions through the power of email marketing, we’re thrilled to share our insights with you. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to discover the crucial email marketing automations that can transform your online store into a revenue-generating and customer-delighting machine!

  1. The Welcoming Wizardry: The Mighty Welcome Automation

Ah, the sweet scent of a new customer! The welcome automation sets the stage for a lasting relationship with your brand. Here’s a sample welcome automation sequence to make that magical first impression:

  • Email 1: The Warm Welcome
    • Purpose: Introduce your brand, offer a heartfelt greeting, and provide a warm thank you for joining.
    • Content: Share your brand’s story, values, and unique selling proposition. Offer a special welcome discount or exclusive content to entice engagement.
  • Email 2: Unveiling the Bestsellers
    • Purpose: Showcase your most popular products and encourage first-time purchases.
    • Content: Highlight your bestselling products with captivating visuals, compelling descriptions, and customer reviews. Include a limited-time offer to create a sense of urgency.
  • Email 3: Personal Touch
    • Purpose: Establish a personal connection and gather additional customer insights.
    • Content: Ask customers to share their preferences, interests, or feedback. Offer a small incentive, such as a discount on their next purchase, in exchange for their participation.
  1. The Cart Recovery Crusader: Conquering Abandoned Carts

We’ve all been guilty of abandoning a cart or two. Fear not, for the cart recovery automation swoops in to save the day! Here’s a sample cart recovery automation sequence to bring those hesitant shoppers back:

  • Email 1: Gentle Reminder
    • Purpose: Remind customers about their abandoned cart and reignite their interest.
    • Content: Include a friendly message reminding customers of the items left behind, accompanied by persuasive visuals. Offer a subtle incentive, such as free shipping or a discount, to encourage a return.
  • Email 2: The Urgency Gambit
    • Purpose: Create a sense of urgency and entice customers to take immediate action.
    • Content: Emphasize limited stock availability, expiring discounts, or a countdown timer to encourage a swift purchase decision. Include customer testimonials or social proof to boost credibility.
  • Email 3: The Final Nudge
    • Purpose: Give customers one last push to complete their purchase.
    • Content: Offer an irresistible offer, such as an additional discount or a free gift with their purchase. Emphasize the benefits and value of the products they left behind. Reinforce customer trust by including a money-back guarantee or hassle-free return policy.
  1. The Tempting Temptress: Converting Product Abandonment

Sometimes customers need a little extra push to convert after browsing specific product pages. The product abandonment automation comes to the rescue! Here’s a sample product abandonment automation sequence to turn those curious shoppers into buyers:

  • Email 1: Product Reminders
    • Purpose: Remind customers about the products they viewed and create desire.
    • Content: Display enticing images and descriptions of the viewed products, along with complementary or related items. Include customer reviews or testimonials to build trust.
  • Email 2: Limited-time Offer
    • Purpose: Introduce a time-sensitive offer to motivate customers to take action.
    • Content: Present an exclusive discount or a limited-time promotion for the viewed products. Emphasize scarcity or limited availability to create a fear of missing out (FOMO).
  • Email 3: Personalized Recommendations
    • Purpose: Provide personalized recommendations based on the viewed products to encourage engagement.
    • Content: Utilize customer browsing history to suggest similar products or complementary items. Highlight the benefits or unique features of these recommendations to entice customers to explore further.
  1. The Celebratory Surprise: Post-Purchase Delight

After customers make a purchase, the post-purchase automation ensures they feel appreciated and encourages repeat business. Here’s a sample post-purchase automation sequence to foster customer loyalty:

  • Email 1: Thank You & Order Confirmation
    • Purpose: Express gratitude for the purchase and provide order details.
    • Content: Offer a sincere thank you message, along with a summary of the purchase and delivery information. Include any additional instructions or support contacts if needed.
  • Email 2: Request for Product Feedback
    • Purpose: Encourage customers to share their experience and provide valuable feedback.
    • Content: Ask customers to leave a review or provide feedback on their purchased products. Offer an incentive, such as a discount on their next purchase, as a token of appreciation.
  • Email 3: Exclusive Loyalty Offer
    • Purpose: Reward customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.
    • Content: Provide a special loyalty offer, such as a discount code or free shipping, to entice customers to return and explore more of your products. Highlight any loyalty program benefits or exclusive perks.
  1. The Birthday Bonanza: Celebrating Customer Milestones

Birthdays are a fantastic opportunity to make customers feel special and foster a personal connection. The birthday automation brings the festivities to your email campaigns. Here’s a sample birthday automation sequence to spread the joy:

  • Email 1: Happy Birthday Greeting
    • Purpose: Send a heartfelt birthday message and make customers feel celebrated.
    • Content: Craft a personalized and joyful birthday wish, accompanied by a special discount or gift to encourage a birthday splurge.
  • Email 2: Birthday Surprise
    • Purpose: Extend the birthday celebration and offer a delightful surprise.
    • Content: Provide an exclusive birthday-only offer, such as a free gift or an upgraded discount. Make customers feel valued and appreciated on their special day.
  • Email 3: Follow-up and Reminders
    • Purpose: Extend the birthday cheer and encourage customers to take advantage of their birthday offer.
    • Content: Send a friendly reminder of the birthday offer’s expiry date and highlight any additional benefits or perks that come with the birthday promotion.



Congratulations, email automation maestro! Armed with these crucial email marketing automations, you’re well on your way to capturing your customers’ hearts and driving sales for your ecommerce store. Remember, the sample automations provided are just a starting point. Tailor them to your brand, experiment, and continuously optimize to create captivating customer journeys that generate revenue and foster long-term loyalty. Happy automating!

Disclaimer: No pigeons were harmed during the creation of this blog post, but a few got confused when they received automated birthday wishes.

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